Love Story #1

The morning sun came down through the blinds and lay as shimmering gold on the light hair down his leg. It was warm in that sunbeam, warm enough to throw off the covers. The sheer curtains on the side of the window billowed wispily in the breeze and the air flowed over his body as cool as the sunbeam was warm. A rather perfect place to be it seemed. She watched. She watched the slatted sunbeams slowly crawl up his body as the sun moved a bit higher in the sky. She watched the air pull up goosebumps from his sides as the breeze blew through. She watched him breathe peacefully. She breathed in his scent mixed with her own. She sniffed lightly along his chest and arm to fill her olfactory senses. She wondered at the warmth of his hand on her hip, holding lightly but holding her still. She didn’t want to move anyway.

She captured this memory with the light and the breeze and the smells and the warmth of his hand on her hip in order to save it for later. It would be a lovely bit to think about when she could savor its simplicity and the relaxed joy of being alive and in that space.