Love Story #16

They sat next to each other on the couch, as close as they could without looking too obvious. Their thighs touched and the heat was distracting. When she crossed her legs, her calf was fully exposed to his gaze and her foot brushed against his knee. He reached over to a tray of food and his elbow brushed against her breast. She also reached for the tray and their arms crossed in a discreet dance of touching without touching and feeling without contact.

The group seemed intent on their tribal intention to watch this latest sequel. From her place on the couch, the dimming of the lights gave her a sense of security in how they might be as close as possible. He apparently felt the same way. As the program started his arm crept around her shoulders and her hand lay on his leg, stroking the denim gently and feeling the caged energy that was underneath this fabric skin. She turned toward him with lips slightly parted and he moved forward to take advantage of this opening.

At the same time, they each felt a hand come down on their shoulder. Her father looked down on them as if he was Zeus on a cloud. His stern countenance was a bolt of lightning that brooked no argument despite the lack of words. Father placed a pillow between them, then took one of each of their hands and placed them close together on this new barrier to their very young love.

“Enjoy the movie!” Father almost giggled as he left the room — for the time being.