Growing up is hard.

Don’t you remember when you were a kid, you told your parents you couldn’t wait to grow up? Your parents asked why, you said, “because I could do whatever I want to and be whoever I love to be.”

Now, 11 years have passed after you said this to your parents.

Now, you just graduated from high school and waiting for the college you applied to accept you. You waited and dreamed you got accepted, living in a dorm room and having an awesome college student life. A week after you applied, you got an e-mail from the college :
Dear Mr/Ms ___,
…..I am sorry to inform you we cannot offer you…
You turned your phone down, covered yourself under the blanket and cried. 
Your tears streamed down as if there was a heavy rain raining outside your comfort home and hitting your favorite green grasses. Your parents heard you crying, they were whispering whether they should knock your door to tap your back and tell you, “It’s alright, dear.”. When they were about to do so, you opened the door, looked at them with your red and bumpy eyes and told them you got rejected. They hugged you then you heard your dad saying, “Oh my little girl, this is one of the reasons why we never want you to grow up so fast.”

Adulting process 101 : The Rejection