Why I Left the Music Industry
Storme Whitby-Grubb

Wow. I can completely relate. I have been in the music business for some 30 years, have been in many of the same situations as you describe, and only now have I found the strength to make an exit. It’s an extremely seductive world, it fulfills whatever need some of us have to be the “cool kid” — hanging around with the band, wearing your laminate, being able to get into parties, go backstage — until it doesn’t. Until you realize that you have no time to yourself, that your ‘clients’ will call you whenever they want (5 AM in LA because it’s later in the day in London? Sure. Is that a problem?) That you are never, ever publicly thanked, but easily blamed when something doesn’t go right. That a musician’s success is due to his/her talent, but failure is because their manager/publicist/record label didn’t do their jobs. I applaud you for sharing your story, and am thrilled that you have found work that you love to do. And maybe a little envious that it didn’t take you most of your career to figure it out, like it did for me. But you know what, all things being equal, I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had for anything, and when we are old and grey, we’ll have some great stories to share.

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