On the fight against HIV and AIDS—and on the people who really started the conversation.
Hillary Clinton

I am relieved to read this unequivocal admission of the error you made regarding the Reagans and HIV/AIDS. It was horrifying to see the public indifference to the suffering and death of hundreds of thousands of people during the 1980’s, with politicians more worried about association with “those” people than about the reality of this public health crisis. I saw the death of an entire generation of gay men and as I cared for people at an AIDS hospice in the early ‘90’s, saw the demographics shifting through children, former inmates, former IV drug users, to “regular” people. My brother’s friends and co-workers were beaten by the Houston police for peacefully marching (with a permit) in the neighborhood of the 1992 Republican National Convention. There was an incredible degree of suffering that could have been avoided had the Reagan administration acknowledged and confronted the AIDS epidemic when it first became clear what we were facing. Thank you for acknowledging this truth.