Keyless door locks, often found in luxury automobiles and at commercial facilities, are growing more popular among homeowners today, too. There are many benefits to installing a keyless entry system at your place of residence. It’s important to go over the advantages and disadvantages before you decide what’s best for your home.

Keypad Devices

PRO: Just put in a code. All you have to do is recall a string of numbers, and push the buttons on the keypad to unlock your door. With some keyless systems, you can also use a key for locking the door as you exit, and then use the keypad upon your return. Some will allow you the convenience of using a smart device, so you can monitor your property remotely.

When all you have to do is remember the code, then you won’t ever have to make spare keys for the house cleaner, your kids, the dog walker, your friends, and so forth. Give the code to folks you trust, and show them how to use the keypad system properly.

CON: You could forget the code. Just as you can be locked out because you forgot your keys, you can also be locked out if you forget your code. To be safe, you must choose a complicated code, and avoid anything obvious like your birth date; however, this will prove to be a problem if you often have a difficult time remembering things.

SOLUTION: Choose a code that’s an easy mnemonic for you, but unknown to anyone else.

CON: Your code might fall into the wrong hands. Anyone you give your code to ~ or anyone who looks over your shoulder and memorizes your code while you put it in ~ could tell a person you don’t know. Heaven forbid, someone could turn against you in the future, and break in.

SOLUTION: Choose a new code every 30 days.

CON: The keypad can wear down, actually revealing the code. As the years go by, the buttons will wear down from frequent use, so you could leave dark marks on the numbers you choose over and over.

SOLUTION: Make sure your hands are clean so you won’t get grime on the keypad. Clean your keypad periodically. Furthermore, keep on changing your code, at least once per month.

PRO: In the long run, it’s cheaper. When you consider the normal circumstances that arise regarding keys and locks ~ such as moving into a new place; welcoming a new tenant or roommate with their new key; blocking access from an ex-spouse; and so on ~ the fact is, overall, a keyless entry system is likely less expensive than all the lock changing, rekeying, and duplicating of keys that you’ll be doing over a lifetime.

CON: It’s more costly up front.

SOLUTION: It’s possible to make payments for a keyless entry system over time.

PRO: You won’t have to hide a spare key. There’s no longer any need to hide an extra key in a fake rock, or beneath a flower pot on the porch, or under the mat, or over the door. Professional thieves can easily locate keys in these predictable hiding places.

CON: A hidden key is a relief in a crisis, but you’re not going to enjoy this advantage any more.

SOLUTION: Choose a keyless system that offers you the option of also using a key.

PRO: You’ll have superior security. Because our private data must remain confidential, there’s rising concern over fraud and identity theft. Accordingly, keyless entry systems are becoming more sophisticated, some even adding biometrics if you have the budget ~ locks which ask for information distinctive only to the individuals you’ve approved for entry. Thus an eye scan, fingerprint, or handprint is required. In the near future, innovations could make more sophisticated biometrics an option ~ including such choices as DNA sampling, ear scanning, voice recognition, or heartbeat recognition! Many systems already offer you the added bonus of syncing with your smart device so you can monitor everything remotely.

CON: In an emergency, rescuers cannot get in, because they won’t know the code. And, if you have biometric features as part of your system, which allows access only to certain people, that will make it inconvenient if you ever forget to add a particular person to your list.

SOLUTION: Install an alarm system and connect it to your keyless entry system. Then you’ll be able to give specialized instructions to your alarm company to keep on file for following if an emergency occurs. Also, with remote smart-device capability, you can monitor and change features at will.

PRO: It’s easier for the children. If you have kids who get home from school before you, and they often forget their keys, a keyless remote entry system is a great solution. Your child simply has to remember the code.

CON: Your kids might forget the code, or, they might tell the code to people they shouldn’t. If you have the kind of keyless entry system that automatically alerts the authorities whenever an incorrect code is entered too many times, you might have the police arriving at your doorstep way too often.

SOLUTION: Purchase a keyless system with the option of also using a key.

PRO: Some keyless remote systems will remain on even in a power outage. An indicator light or message will come on to remind you when the battery’s getting low so you can replace it.

CON: You have to keep looking to see if the battery is okay. This is an inconvenience, particularly if you’ll be gone for a long time.

SOLUTION: Be in the habit of periodically checking your battery power. Battery backup is essential, so your home will be secure even if there’s a power failure. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check up on your home periodically, or sync to a remote smart-device system.

PRO: Because keyless locks are digital, they’re safer.

CON: A criminal could guess your code or hack the system.

SOLUTION: Buy a keyless entry system that will automatically alert the police if an incorrect code is entered too many times. If you’ll be on an extended vacation, let authorities know ahead of time.

Consider your options. If you live in Cary, North Carolina, and you want to learn more about keyless entry systems, make an appointment with a reliable professional, such as one of the mobile locksmith residential specialists on staff at Cary Locksmith, where free consultations are offered.

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