Zack Ciesinski

Great post, Zack! Personally I’ve become more and more aware of how my “multi-tasking” skill is really just me not being able to focus on completing any one of those tasks at hand before I move on to [I literally just stood up to go check on what I am cooking for dinner before I finished typing this sentence] the next one.

One thing I’ve tried to stay focused is to only allow myself to have one to three tabs open at a time in my browser. I’m a chronic right-click-to-open-in-new-tab fiend. I’ll have 29 tabs open and lose track of what I originally needed to do. There is actually a pretty neat Chrome plugin I use called “Moment” which displays a beautiful image every time you open a new tab and asks you what you want to accomplish today. Once you answer that question it’ll display it to you with each new tab.

Other than [not] using that tool too consistently, being more conscious of my un-focus has actually been helping a lot. Being more present in general is a goal of mine that should help!