Writing When You Might Be Wrong
Hunter Walk

Thank you for writing this. I’ve started and stopped blogs several times between the age of 12–20. The starting happens when I let a spark in my mind materialize on a page/word processor. The stopping mostly happens when I doubt the value of my words to any particular audience. For some reason as I’ve gotten older that doubt has gotten bigger.

I actually read this post back in March when it was featured in a Medium email digest I received. Even though it tugged at my brain enough to think and talk with friends about beginning to write and share again, it took me until tonight to go for it. Something triggered a serious mindshift for me last weekend and I’m ready to be brave in many new ways. One of the ways I’m starting is by writing things to share in a place where anyone can see it. I thought it was only right to start my writing on Medium by responding to the post that first inspired me. Thanks again, Hunter, for being a part of the dominos that brought me to this place of being brave without needing to be 100% confident. Here I go!