Translation of a speech given by Richard Wang from DraperDragon

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On a sweltering afternoon in Singapore, I received a ping on WeChat with a link to an insightful speech that had just been delivered. The sender crafted that speech too 😉 and of course the first thing I asked to do was to translate it so I can share it with our English-speaking friends.

It just so happens that in the last article that I wrote, there were references to how blockchain was a shining hope that people in a region, who felt they had passed up the internet age, held on to tightly. They had made their fortune on the real economy — fundamental goods in the economy such as agriculture, manufacturing, telecommunications and so on — and wanted to stay on the cutting edge in economic development, so they embraced blockchain as that next wave. …


Carylyne Chan

Emerging tech lover; armchair psychologist & oolong tea enthusiast.

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