Behind the Scenes: President Obama Visits the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
The Obama White House

Once President Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, have left the White House, I wonder where we will be able to find all of this wonderful material I’ve enjoyed looking at and following over these past eight years.

I have so enjoyed watching and vicarioulsy, being a part of the journey. There have been many a time I’ve sent emails on matters of importance to me: torture, the environment, ( Keystone XL, the DAPL, the Arctic, stopping the trade in ivory, etc. ), affordable healthcare, trade, to name a few. It was with amazement when I actually heard back on occasion!

This President, while I’ve disagreed on some issues and sometimes quite strongly, has made me proud. As has the First Lady.

Thank you both for your service to this country. For your grace and reserve under pressure and for representing the United States of America so very well.