Growth of HOPE

Our programming delivery model has expanded — now delivering HOPE through a defined network in every quadrant the nation. And, we’re still growing — opening a new location every week in both rural and urban communities.

In our earliest years, we operated out of what were called HOPE centers, offering workshops, seminars, and community outreach efforts focused on financial literacy. Then, in 2013, our leadership team, headed by founder, chairman, and CEO, John Hope Bryant, made a conscious effort to deliver greater impact at scale to more people through a new innovative model called HOPE Inside. This award-winning programming model creates sustainable change through the development of strategic community partnerships. Community institutions like schools, banks, and churches invest in our programs to educate their constituents on credit and money management, homeownership, and entrepreneurship.

We launched this daring programming model with long-time partner Bank of the West in Oakland, California, and began to see the impact of our collaboration and programs immediately. Client credit scores began to increase, reaching 700 and better; families began to enjoy holidays and special occasions in homes that they qualified for and purchased; and entrepreneurs began living out their dreams of self-determination through self-employment.

Year after year, more partners caught on to our vision for community transformation through financial dignity. As more institutions embraced our message and model, more HOPE Insides began sprouting up across the country in grocery stores, public safety departments; on college campuses and in workplaces as an employee financial wellness benefit.

In just five years, our award-winning HOPE Inside model has transformed and extended the reach of HOPE — growing from one location on the West Coast to more than 100 locations in both urban and rural communities, in more than 20 states, connected with more than 40 partners, touching almost 3 million lives. Today, we stand ready to further amplify our reach with commitments to launch 450 new HOPE Inside locations in the next 18 months, with our goal of 1,000 operational locations by 2020 always in focus.

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