On “Germania”, Heimat, and Belonging in the German Left

Germania (as told by Rammstein)

To my knowledge the “s” in the word “Deutschland” is different in Frakturschrift, but they internationally couldn’t go with it being misread as “Deutfchland”.
The bronze wolves in Chemnitz in front of the bust of Karl Marx.

“Heimat” and a sense of belonging

The Hermannsdenkmal in the Teutoburger Forest.

Reactionaries and misfits in the German Left

An Antideutsch meme calling for the levelling of Gaza like lignite open-pit mining destroying Garzweiler.

Filipino-German academic activist | Indigenous Rights, Climate Justice & Aloha ‘Āina | M.A. in Pacific Islands Studies | PhD Candidate in American Studies 🚩🏴

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