48 Trips around the Sun

Yesterday was my 48th birthday. Each year I wonder how quickly time is flying by and what I still want to accomplish in this life.

I know I will be working until I am dead thanks to my decision to get my Master’s degree with student loans so I don’t have retirement to look forward to in 15 to 20 years. That means, I am trying to find meaningful things outside of work to do so that when I am not working I am doing things that bring me joy and contentment.

One key reason why my husband and I sold our house and moved into our new home this year was to become more politically engaged in our city. During the last election we couldn’t vote on any of the ballot measures nor any of the city council members because we lived 1/2 mile outside the city. Luckily most of the new members were people we would have voted for ourselves but many of the measures did not go the way we would have liked. Not that our two votes would have swayed the election we would have liked to have been a part of the process. The city council member in the district where we moved, ran unopposed, and that should never happen in a city with half a million people. We aren’t fully engaged politically yet, but we are working on it.

I am trying to find a physical activity that I love as much as I did Irish Dance a decade ago. I tried running and while I was getting better for a while, something happened late summer 2016 and my breathing has not been the same. Walking is just not as satisfying because I can’t seem to consistently get a faster time. I like riding my bike but the further I go the longer I am away from home and I don’t spend enough time with my husband as it is. Saturday morning rides are interrupted by my weekly calls with my mom, which I don’t mind because I am grateful my brother can ensure my mom will answer, it just falls along when I have time on the weekends to ride.

Then there is my creative side that is calling. I started Unravel a year ago and I had to put it on hold because moving was taking too much of my time. I was going to move to a mobile form but here it is a few days from October and I have yet to restart. Partly because I am loving my part-time work with Colorado Common in their taproom. I have been able to help them focus more on production and that helps them grow their business. That said, my artistic self and business continues to sit on hold until I decide what to do.

There are so many things that draw my attention, and still I have yet to find that “thing” that rings my bell. So, I am going through the “Find your Why” program to see if I can figure out what things really keep me motivated and engaged. I look forward to next week where I work with my partner to tell my stories and start fleshing out what those common themes are and really start figuring out things.

So as I embark on this 49th trip around the sun I am hopeful I will find that special purpose and a way to find a way to pay the bills and perhaps even that student loan before I die.

I am hopeful this year is going to be another year of learning new things about myself and discovering new ideas.