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Many years ago, I taught a two young girls private Irish dance lessons, the younger was a precocious young Dani Cichon. These two young women were hard working and quite good. They danced hard and clearly had rhythm. Time and dance moved on and so did they. Her older sister ended up going to medical school and Dani started writing and singing her own songs as a teenager.

I ran across Dani again when she was the lead, as a senior in high school, in their rendition of The Phantom of the Opera. Her voice was amazing and on par with those on Broadway.

In college Dani began producing her songs and putting them out there for people to hear. Thank goodness for this world of social media where I have the privilege of being on the front row when she delivers new tunes.

Her first album release was Restless Love. This album had three songs, the title track Restless Love, Diggin’ a Grave, and Blue Eyed Devil. All three of these songs speak to my heart.

Each song tells a story, and has a beat that carries the heart through. “Restless Love” is even listed for use in movies and television. “Diggin’ a Grave” tells the story of a lonely woman who is caught with another keeping her warm at night. The tempo has kept me running during the last leg of several 5K runs.

Dani released a new EP in May 2016 called Fall Together. Inspired by the first Friend’s House Concert I attended, I opened my home for a small house concert to celebrate this album. This album had four amazing songs. The album title came from the song We Won’t Go. The video illustrations came from her sister.

The other three songs are: Letter in the Sea, Little Bit, and Line Them Up. “Letter in the Sea” stands alone as a song that talks about how if things are meant to be they will “fall together.”

“Little Bit” was not originally a song for the album but when she played it for the producer he insisted it be a part. The song talks about how the little things remind us of how we love one another.

Dani completed Nursing school last year and spent the last nearly 8 months in New Zealand singing with her collaborator Nick Stone. Now back in Nashville, I look forward to her next steps in her musical evolution.

I am a fan of Dani Cichon. I hope you will give her a listen and become a fan too.

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