I am a fan — Who Gives a Scrap

I am a crafting junkie. This is a very expensive thing. I start doing a craft, take knitting, for instance and I find a mountain of yarn I love and never knit it all. I have mountains of craft supplies for plethora of different craft projects that I will never complete, and I would hate to throw it away. Goodwill or a charity doesn’t make much sense, so it sits piled up just taking up space. Then the next craft comes along and the obsession begins again.

Then a friend of mine started a small business called Who Gives a Scrap. Lorrie and Jane launched this business as a pop-up at Ivywild school in November 2015 and they were off and running. Who Gives a Scrap is a creative reuse center. Lorrie explains it is the space between Goodwill and the landfill. She also says it is “Pinterest heaven.”

Who Gives a Scrap is a non-profit that takes in donations and provides receipts by weight then sells these donations for crafters to reuse. Some artists made some amazing reimagined items with a pile of different recycled items.

Who Gives a Scrap has helped divert over 44 tons of items from the landfills here in Colorado. They also inspire creativity throughout the city. Many artists offer classes in their Colorado Springs space sourced from the materials donated.

When I started my small business Unravel, I sourced nearly 90% of my product for my business, and the classes I taught, through Who Gives a Scrap. Lorrie and Jane were highly supportive and inspiring with ideas that helped me get my business started.

Who Gives a Scrap is now my first go to company for anything craft related, before I go any place else. I drop off anything I am not using any longer and pick up things for my latest inspirations.

Lorrie, Jane, Who Gives a Scrap… I am a fan.


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