I have tried… I am not a morning person.

I don’t care what all the pundits say about getting more out of your day by getting up and at ’em early in the day… it is not for me.

I have spent the better part of my adult life tired. I go into work most mornings before 7 am and I am in bed around 10 pm and I am TIRED.

I have tried early morning exercise… Pbbth… I can’t breath and I am even more exhausted after doing so.

I shower at night. Because every precious moment of sleep in the morning is vital.

I have tried writing morning affirmations and meditations… Yeah, no.

Give me a late night where the house is quite and I can just sit and work. That is me.

I am better able to go for a run in the afternoon. I still can’t breath, but my exhaustion is just fine at the end of the day. I can take a long leisurely shower or even soak in the tub.

I still go into work early in the morning for two key reasons:

  1. I get stuff done when no one else is in yet.
  2. I hate having to work later in the evening.

One day, I will find a vocation that lets me work the hours that work for me. Until then, I will be tired.

But for now, I am going to stop listening to those who say successful people have to be morning people. I call that bunk! I like my life. I have good things in it. Sure, I am not rolling in money, but I am certainly not falling apart. So, I will sleep in on the weekends when I can and wake when my body wants to get up. I will stay up late when I can, and live my life despite what all the pundits believe.