It is time to recall Congress

Our country is a Republic not a Democracy. Democracy is actually “mob rule” because democratic rule is majority rule and amazingly inefficient. As any kid at odds with the rest of the family knows democracy can really suck sometimes. A Republic is where we elect a representative group that we trust will write laws that we agree to respect the Rule of Law as opposed to the Rule of the People.

The concept of the three branches of government are for checks and balances. As things stand now, all three branches of our government, the executive, legislative, and judicial are all heavily weighted in one direction. This is never a good idea. No matter your political leaning, I believe any time things are heavily weighted in one direction it is rarely good for all. Even a benevolent dictator is still a dictator.

Our system is flawed. I do not believe that the judicial branch should be lifelong appointments. This was written when life expectancy was less than 40 years. I would be perfectly okay with the Supreme court to have appointment for 15, even 25 years to avoid being influenced by fad and having too many political swings, but lifetime appointments places people on the bench where many are significantly out of step with the rest of the society.

Our Electoral College is very interesting. It has some interesting points and everyone has an opinion when the votes go their own way. But it still has its deep flaws. This system swings every 10 years as people move about the country and the census numbers change the weights of the electoral votes. 2020 could change the canvas again. I don’t agree with this process any longer. Did you know that in Australia voting is compulsory? In France they had their worst voter turnout of 70 percent, in the US we are lucky to get 60 percent. I believe Election day should be a holiday and every vote should count. No longer is the Electoral College necessary.

What is really flawed is Congress. The Senate less than the House but Congress is really in trouble. Over the past 8 years the republican party stance was to oppose anything that the president supported, whether it was good for the American people or not. Now, the current president is running amok with executive orders that challenge the rule of law (yes, I am aware that the previous president used executive orders, he did so because congress refused to debate any legislation proposed by the white house, this is not the case currently), is firing swaths of people, and appointing family to random jobs in the white house without congressional vetting, and they are allowing it to happen with very little objection. If these representatives cannot look into the mirror and see their hypocrisy, it is time for those of us who put them there to show them the door.

We have to stand up and say something. We all need to communicate to our representatives. We sent them to their positions, no matter what their money supporters say, we can take them out, if we have the courage to do so. These jobs, too, were never meant to be lifetime jobs. Once again, no matter the party, this should not be a career. Let’s get other professionals into Congress as our framers imagined. Let’s get scientists, teachers, computer programmers, writers, retail workers, and more dedicated to 2 to 6 years of service. Let’s make our government truly representative of our country.

What are you willing to do?


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