Loss of momentum.

Today I packed up my house of 17 years and tomorrow I close on that house and sign on the dotted line for a new home in my home city. This transition caused me to lose momentum writing these blog entries each day. Well that is that. Time to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start again.

It is hard for me to forgive myself my mistakes. I hold myself to very high standards, none that I would ever measure others to in life, yet, I do. When I make mistakes, I kick myself back and forth, up and down and berate myself for the shortcoming.

Why couldn’t I fit in at least 100 words?

What is wrong with my energy levels?

Why can’t I do what others seem to do with ease?

I must not be good enough.

I must not be as creative as these great writers here.

I must not really be dedicated to this craft.

I might as well quit now.

See, how easy it is for my brain to beat me to a pulp?

So, I am working on changing this perception and just writing again. Little bits each day again. Let this gap be what it is. A gap.

I heard a great statement on the radio I want to write about tomorrow, if I have internet access enough to post, “you can have wings, or you can have roots, having both is very difficult.”

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