Welcome 2018

Writing every day is my new goal.

I started writing the blog last year as part of a writing challenge and I stuck with it for several months after in the hopes that I would become a better writer and it might speak to a few people. It didn’t speak to many, but I did find that I did get better at articulating myself. Then life really started getting in the way. I bought a new house, started traveling more for work, and the few missed days turned into a few missed weeks and then I missed more than a month, which turned into my blog dropping off the radar completely in my life.

Well, now it is January 1, 2018 and I have the day off, and the house is quiet. I am here again launching the blog, once again. This year, I hope to commit to this for me. Not for the traction of others, but to get my thoughts down coherently and even to work on getting this blog created in audio format to build my confidence as a speaker.

This past year, I stepped through the “Find Your Why” process and came up with my “why” of “To help people learn from their experiences so that we all can live more authentically.” What this means to me is I want to help people see that their actions come from their experiences and their experiences form the way they behave in the world around them. For example, I grew up with a single mom who did everything herself. To put it bluntly, she was a control freak. This rubbed off on me. I often don’t ask for help when I should, and I take on more than I often can handle in a day, week, or even a month. But i do it because that is the learned behavior I had. In order for me to be more authentic in my life I need to recognize that this is not the best behavior and I must learn to say no and set limits in my life. This is difficult for me to do, personally, but easy for me to recognize in others. So, I share my personal experiences with others and help them see that if I can make these conscious changes, so they can too.

This opened my eyes to how I am overworking myself and not taking the time I need to be authentic with myself in my life. I know I need to be more balanced in my life and that requires making some hard decisions. What those are yet, I am not sure. But I am opening myself up to those possibilities while not shooting myself in the foot.

So, today, day 1 of 2018, I write for me.