Who‘s life is that well organized?

I am tired. Really tired. I work, I have friends, I travel, I spend time doing things I enjoy. I am tired.

I keep reading blogs extolling the virtues of going to bed and rising at the same time every day. Single-tasking. And just about everything that says my life is in shambles if I can’t do what they do. I call Shenanigans!

Yes, I am tired. Yes, I have some weeks where I get less sleep than I should and there are Saturdays and/or Sundays where I sleep late. Why? Because I need the rest!

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping some good friends take a weekend away from their business which is their livelihood. They certainly don’t get to bed at 10 and rise at 6 every day. This weekend after working my full-time job I went and tended bar at their taproom. That meant I was out late Friday and Saturday night. I did that with pleasure. It also meant that my sleep times changed from the regular routine. This doesn’t make me a life failure. It makes me human.

Sure, in a perfect world, we would all like to work a job where we can all live a life on the same schedule and wake and sleep the same hours every day, but the vast majority of we humans don’t have that life. I just wish the pundits would stop preaching and start helping people find ways to get rest in other ways.

Let me put it this way. I work in the alarm monitoring industry. This is a 24/7/365 world. An alarm monitoring operator working the overnight shift cannot afford to always live on the overnight sleep schedule because they have to go to doctor’s appointments and deal with life that lives during daylight hours. Very often they have to be awake on their days off when they would normally sleep. This “ideal” of sleeping and waking at the same time every day is just not possible for them. What would you say to them. Have you tried to live a life like theirs?

What about the person who travels for a living?

Sure, it is great for those who have found a way to truly have routine in their life, but for the rest of us, life is just not that neat and tidy.

What I do to find that elusive energy is nap when I can. Give myself permission to sleep those extra hours when I have the time. Quit listening to those who haven’t walked in my shoes.

What about you? Is your life organized and well timed, or do you have hours that cannot be strictly defined? What do you do?

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