Why religion continues to annoy me.

While I do my best to honor those who choose to believe, I truly wish that people would just keep their religion to themselves and just shut up about it. There used to be the saying if you want to get along with others keep politics and religion out of the conversation. It is nearly impossible to get around politics these days, where it is in our news feed all day. But we can all keep our religion to ourselves.

As a country, despite what many might want to believe, we did not form as a theocracy. We formed as a representative republic. This means that our framers chose to err on the side of the “rule of law,” not on democratic (mob) rule. We have several democratic processes but we, as a country agree, to accept the rule of law. Not the rule of a single deity.

We know that there are about one million flavors (okay, 100,000) of religion out there in the world. What gives one person the right to believe that their flavor is the right flavor?

If I like Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream does that make those who eat Rainbow Sherbert wrong? No. If you are lactose intolerant I am not going to fault you for eating Italian Ice.

John Leland, a baptist pastor in 1794 proposed an amendment to the religious preferentialism laws in Massachusetts, because he felt that government “should recognize the equality of all believers.” The men at the Constitutional Convention went back and forth on this topic for days and weeks and agreed that religion would be kept OUT of the Constitution.

I, as an agnostic, pretty much an atheist these days, I choose not to believe and when others assume that I will just bow my head and pray just because they do, I find it offensive. If I were attending your religious celebration, that would be one thing. Then, I would expect to honor the celebration and I would be there to learn about your religion. But a Saturday is not that.

I spent time in my younger years researching different religions and found none that was for me. I can respect the history of many, I just don’t buy into any of the stories, and we all will never know what lies beyond until we are dead. So why should we fight about it here and now?

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