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I wonder, for liberals, how much of this turn towards formal channels of punishment (emailing people’s jobs, shutting down their work) is a recognition that people can always opt out of the shame game.

I have a lot of family that I think are kind, decent, sensible people who have not one clue about theories of intersectionality or systemic racism (and eyes would spin in the back of their heads if I explained the TERF vs. anti-TERF fight). If someone tried to shame them for something “problematic”, they would probably shrug their shoulders, say “OK”, and move on with their lives. And the fact that they may be on the wrong side of the issue morally/politically/etc doesn’t change the fact that they are right in calculating that they are on the right side numerically. And as you have said before, I don’t see how that changes for the better if we continue down this path of escalating punishment and censure.

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