Hillcrest, Upgrades & How Small Things Can Spark Change

On my walk through Hillcrest today I noticed the dilapidated benches that littered Kavanaugh. Their condition is both a sad disappointment and an opportunity. For the most part, the benches look to be the low-end type one can buy at Home Depot.

Here’s one. Could use a coat of paint, don’t you think? Here’s one from Home Depot. Not quite the same but close

Now think about how much that corner would change if we replaced that sad looking seat with something like this?

And while this little park is lovely, it sure could use some color. Tan just fades.

This would be one step better

But what about something like this?

Or even this?

This is a parklet but think of how this would upgrade that little park-like spot out front of Kroger

I know, nothing’s free but what about a program like this one to fund such an undertaking? We can adopt a whole park but piecemealing such an undertaking might just make this undertaking doable.

Hillcrest is a great neighborhood but nothing is static. More than that, small, colorful upgrades can inspire more upgrades. It’s time for some upgrades.