Promoting the Gay Community through Tourism, Photography & Empathy.


With São Paulo hosting the largest gay pride in the world, it is no surprise that there is a large and very proud Brazilian gay community. However, the dialogue surrounding the acceptance of this integral facet of society has been slow to change. According to a survey conducted by the University of São Paulo, almost 10% of Brazilian Males identify as Gay or bisexual, with Lesbians & bisexual Women comprising 6% of the population. And with over 60,000 gay couples in all of Brazil, the strength of the community is growing!

Gay marriage has been legal in Brazil since 2013, although the Supreme Court Justice of Brazil ruled that same sex coupes could adopt in 2010. Every year more and more of these couples are finding their voice and seeking out ways to represent and celebrate themselves. The movement is not radical, but rather is a peaceful dialogue about the natural right to be considered as equal, not just politically but socially. Today in Rio de Janeiro, there are two women helping to spearhead a new gay Brazil movement. Partners in life and in business, Tata Barreto and Renata Ferrer have begun Gataria Photography to feed the need from this emerging market of Brazilian gay weddings.

A Brazilian Gay Wedding — A Reason to Celebrate


Gataria is the first Brazilian gay photography studio with an emphasis on the LGBTQ community. The founders Tata and Renata, are two young women who want to help give a voice to this long silenced Gay Brazil community. They believe that the photograph is a key into local social culture. The truth of the photo can only be exposed when subjects are photographed with empathy.

Every form of love is worth a click of the camera. But in Brazil, there is little positive representation of gay couples engaging in sincere affection. The kiss. Holding hands. An embrace. The exchange of a loving glance. All is equally as beautiful as it is with any other couple, but Gataria is endeavoring to make it mainstream.

The idea behind Gataria is to offer Rio society an inside glimpse into one of their own communities, showcasing an important aspect of local lifestyle and culture. The photos are done BY the ‘Brazilian Gay and Lesbian Community’ FOR the ‘Brazilian Gay and Lesbian Community’. And BY the ‘Brazilian Gay and Lesbian Community’ FOR the Brazilian world. In addition to being photographers, the two are human right’s activists. Their mission is to create a visible representation that is the instrument to accurately portray the LGBTQ community and one day lead to its full acceptance.

A Gay Rio Wedding — 2 Beautiful Brides

Gataria’s Objectives:

To empathetically document the various types of non-nuclear families.

To increase the positive visibility and help empower the Brazilian Gay and Lesbian community.

To combat homophobia.

To fight against racism, intolerance, and violence motivated by hateful speech.

Pure Happiness — A Gay Brazilian Couple Enjoy the Classic Site of Sugar Loaf Mountain

And while Gataria is equally happy photographing formerly traditional weddings with a male and female, there is something special that occurs with a homosexual occasion. Tata and Renata gave the following example to highlight the value of their work. “Imagine that you are going to photograph an Indian wedding, something from a very different culture than your own. It is highly likely that you will loose some detail from not fully understanding this world. It is exactly that which happens with the LGBTQ culture. There are various nuances that a straight photographer might accidentally miss. This is what makes the difference. Our personal lives create an empathy that ends up reflecting in the images.” In a country, where many gay Brazilian couples have not come out to their family and friends, there can also be a greater deal of a comfort being photographed by members of their own community.

A Sincere Moment of Love — Looking Inside Gay Brazil


Among the gay Brazil community, Gataria is quickly becoming a household name. The success of this dynamic duo has even caught the eye of Brazil’s leading newspaper Globo. They have been featured in an article, showcasing some of their best work.

Casa Bromelia fully supports Gataria and the entire gay Brazilian community. We pledge to love and support the LGBTQ community as we stand side-by-side together with them in work, in love and in life.

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