I think the shift from hangouts can be made with YouTube Live.
Dustin W. Stout

The YouTube Live is taking quite awhile to launch. I am really looking forward to that but for the moment Facebook Live is great for us (specially in the post live interaction). Blab was really great for meeting new people but I never did a show on it or even considered doing one since I found it to be quite buggy (mainly most shows I watched or joined had some sort of an issue or other). Even Facebook Live has a delay factor which can be a nuisance but you just need to deal with it and go with the punches. I always remind folks that most of these platforms are free so you just gotta take them as they come. I must say I am quite impressed with Crowdcast at the moment but since we do all our Live streams from diverse locations in Italy we need to rely on an App based approach and Facebook is perfect for that.