“The person you really need to marry to: YOU”.

The thing about marrying yourself is that you will not just cohabit — you cannot date yourself for a while and see how it turns out. You´re going to take vows! Here it is. 
#1: you´re going to marry yourself for richer or for poorer. This means you´re going to love yourself right where you are. You´re not going to say to yourself. When you lose 10 pounds, then I´ll marry you or when you reach the corner of Hollywood Fame or, if you hadn´t dated that loser, I would marry you, but since you did, I´m sorry I don´t love you. When you love yourself, you do it exactly the way you are. 
#2: paradoxically, loving yourself exactly where you are is the only way to get where you are willing to actually go in life.
#3: you´re going to be with yourself for better or for worse. When big life disappointments come out: maybe you don´t own a home, you don´t get the career you wanted, you didn´t graduate from college, you didn´t get the relationship you wanted. Maybe you fight with your mom, maybe you watch too much reality TV, and whatever it is: It does not matter anymore — Because when you marry yourself you agree to stay with yourself no matter what.
#4: You forgive yourself for your mistakes, for sickness or for health, you stick together with you. A mistake is not actually a failure unless you don´t learn from it. Unless you don´t grow.
There´s a saying that says: you ask for patience. And what you get is a line in the bank. It means: life does not give you what you want the way you want, but life gives you the people, the places and situations that will help you become what you asked for. Moreover, the nicest thing, is that if you don´t get it right the first time, life fantastically will give you the second time.
What I´ve learnt with all that is to: sit on my own bedside, how to hold my own hand, how to comfort and how to nurse myself. Finally, what I´ve learnt is, I´m a person I can count on. 
Last but not least, it transforms every area of your life. A huge thing happens: you´re full, whole, entire, you are fulfilled and able to love people right where they are. 
Ps: When you finally find yourself pay attention not whether the other person liked you or not, but how you feel in his/her presence, you will notice whom you should actually be with.
Have a good life!