Mom’s touch to Soothe Baby- the Massage Therapy

Just like us, baby’s love massages. It gives them the required relaxation and the skin-skin contact is beneficial for the parent and child bonding. The bond becomes so intense that baby recognizes mother’s scent too. The mother and baby bond is required for infant survival concerning nutrition, protection and also care.

What is a Baby Massage?

Baby Massages are gentle and rhythmic stroking of baby’s body with your hands. One can use either oil or moisturizer to help the hands glide smoothly over the baby’s skin. It is a routine that needs to be followed every day to strengthen the baby’s body. You can hum or sing softly while you are massaging to relax the baby further.

Why Massages?

· It makes the baby feel protected, nurtured, and also secure.

· It helps in improving muscle strength

· It soothes and relaxes the baby

· It enhances growth and development

· It promotes bonding between mother and the child

· It helps the baby sleep better

· It also aids in digestion and weight gain

· It improves circulation and eases teething pain

· It can help the baby recover from Jaundice

· It helps the mother have eye contact with the baby and spend some quality time with them.

One can use a variety of oils for the massage depending on the weather condition:

· Almond oil

· Sunflower oil

· Olive oil

· Chamomile oil

· Tea Tree Oil

· Mustard oil

· Castor oil

· Coconut oil

Things to keep Handy before starting a Massage

· Oil/Moisturiser

· Towels or Muslin cloth to mop any accidents

· Soap and Shampoo for the bath

· Clothes to dress the baby post bathing

· The usual Nappy changing kit

How To start the Massage?

· Try to pick a time between the feeds; the baby should not be hungry or too full.

· The best time would be before a nap.

· Make sure the Room is warm so that the baby does not catch cold

· Choose an area that is secure so that there is no scope of baby tripping or falling.

· Undress the baby

· Take a small amount of oil in your palms and rub the hands together. This process will also warm up the oil before you apply it to the baby’s skin.

· Beginning with the feet, slowly move to the legs and hands in upward strokes.

· Keep massaging till you reach the face, and until the baby is enjoying the process.

· A short massage before bedtime is a great way to help babies sleep longer and become calm and ready to relax.

Massages help in stimulating the central nervous system. It also helps the brain to produce more serotonin, in turn slowing down the baby’s heart rate would slow down, and they become more relaxed. Developing a mystical connection with the baby is not easy; it needs a one to spend a lot of time with the baby. So for 30 minutes a day, ignore the gadgets and leave behind the laundry, give that time to the baby and spend that time in seclusion. It is a great way to express your love to the baby.

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