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HackCU’s apply button

Managing hackers applications is probably the worst nightmare hackathon organizers have. For this reason, after struggling with applications during HackUPC Fall 2016, I decided to use my knowledge to build a tool to make it easier: HackAssistant. Now it’s deployed for HackCU at

At the beginning, we built a really simple system that performed the following tasks:

  • Easy and scalable application review process for organizers: Allow all organizers to review hackers applications and provide feedback. This makes the review process more scalable. The system handles applications queue’s for each organizer and normalizes the score per reviewer.
  • Automatic invite and…

Today, I started writing a small article about HackCU’s registration platform. However, I realized that there was no context. I started to write the context and ended up with this. Hope you enjoy it!

Around two years ago, I joined for the first time an organizational meeting for the first edition of HackUPC. It was fantastic… I felt stupid.

It all started because a friend of mine mentioned that she was helping organize a local hackathon. I immediately felt jealous. That sounded so cool. I asked her to introduce me to whoever was running it. …

Dilemmas. Life is full of them. We need to make choices to grow, to accomplish our dreams. However dilemmas are not about which option is better, they are about our point of view.

Someone told me that life is like a tree. You start from a branch, at the beginning of the tree and every single time you decide, the tree splits in different and alternatives options. There’s some point on your life where you have to make a lot of important choices. Decisions that will mark your life, that will make the difference between what you are and what you will become. They are like the big branches of the tree. Sometimes we have a clear vision of what we want to do, what to choose, what branch to take. Other times…

Gerard Casas Saez

💻 I do codes for coffee ☕ 📍 Boulder, CO

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