Read like you’re on a diet
Cody Musser

Excellent article. I would point out that the older you get, the easier it is to walk away from films, TV series, videos, blogs, articles that you are ultimately Not Interested In and Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That*. FOMO is no longer a nagging preoccupation because you know you have already Missed Out somewhere down the line and you know what ? You’ll live. Missing out is just fine because in the meantime you were doing something important that you loved, paid the rent and had a family.

IF an article is Truly worth rereading (because I have already read it once) I save it as a PDF. If it’s work related (graphics, type, design, colour, logos, animation, freelancing) I’ll save it on my Facebook page, which I use as a work tool.

As I work on computers for a living, I limit the amount of time I spend online, avoiding what I should be doing.

Gotta go.

*The Daily Show