How to Wear Business Casual Button-Down Flannel Shirt in Fall/Winter

On this blog, at CASAVVA, we’ll pick one of our favorite business casual essentials i.e. Flannel Shirts.

Flannel is considered as soft & comfortable woven fabric that you could really enjoy wearing during fall/winter season. In general, the flannel button-down shirt comes with a plaid pattern & it is considered more casual comparatively a formal shirt. So here, we’ll be flaunting different ways, including formal & casual ways to wearing flannel in order to style this easy-going piece.

1.Underneath a Sweater

Instead of wearing a dress shirt, the flannel shirt is a cozy & fun staple to wear underneath a sweater. This pattern & fabric is decent & soft respectively. Also, it offers a different take on the classic shirt & sweater combination.

2.With Light Jacket

If you reside somewhere with a warmer climate, the flannel shirt could be your first choice. This is an easy weekend look that you could often go for. Try Pixel Night with the light jacket!

3.Waist Wrap

The style “waist wrap” is back in this season. One of the best pieces to do is to wear with flannel shirt. You may used to do this style when you were kid. Now, you can adopt this style again. It is handy way to hang on to the flannel button-up shirt without having to wear this. By wearing a leather jacket, this look comes with full 90’s grunge look.

4.Casually Suited

To dress up plaid is always a great choice. Although, the flannel shirt is casual, and it can be still elevated with blazer. It is always a good choice of wearing a cool casual blazer in the casual fabric like cotton.


One of the greatest things about business casual flannel is — they come in so many variations. Also, they practically suit every kind of body shape, therefore, everyone can get benefit from them.

Flannel shirts also look great with layering pieces, for instance, pair with a white t-shirt & a pair of raw denim.

Flannel shirts definitely create texture & add a little bit of detail to your daily look. In fall/winter season, an extra layer can give you warmth with flannel shirts in case if it gets colder.

When we talk about flannel, of course, we mean “material” instead of print thing. Business casual flannel shirts are perfect transitional pieces in winter as a long sleeved shirt with the perfect layered look. On the other hand, you can wear short sleeved flannel in the summer season.