It’s All About Men’s Herringbone Flannel Shirts by CASAVVA

When it comes to men’s essentials, then flannel is always there to keep you warm & comfortable in any of weather condition whether it is fall or spring. There are many style-focused individuals who will rock in flannel casual slim fit button down shirts even though during the hottest days or months. It is most commonly made with pure cotton, and flannel shirts have an outstanding ability in order to get better with ages. However, we all know that the fabric can get softer with time, sometimes it can be worn out. Nevertheless, flannel fundamentally comes with many colors & it is built to be resilient handle many years far better as compared to other fabrics & outfits.

At CASAVVA, the team of our designers has beautifully tailored the best flannel shirts in the marketplace right now. Whether you are looking for understated or statement worthy — you’ll definitely pick one over here. Herringbone flannel shirts stand out tend to have numerous colors & varieties in them. If you actually could not choose the one, we recommend you 100% cotton & innovatively designed flannel shirts for a casual look. No matter what kind of flannel you choose to integrate into your closet, the online store — CASAVVA knows that it will be a much loved. Moreover, if you are aiming for at all time classic, you can go with the following collection of beautifully designed flannel shirts. Check them out!


The Ember Herringbone, $115, from CASAVVA is handmade New York City. It comes in deep burgundy color with black details underline a bold & nature archetype. It goes well with a pair of khakis as well as does amazingly awesome with a leather jacket & dark denim.

  • Optic fabric attached
  • Dry clean only
  • Soft & 100% Cotton
  • Hidden credit pocket


The Pixel Night, $115 comes fits well with the quiet figure at the back of the room. Just try it with something a touch more serious. At CASAVVA, we have even done with it a charcoal suit!

The Marled Sky, $115 is fresh yet radar. It is CASAVVA’s one of the most versatile pieces & goes with just about any outfit. You can try it with a pair of dark colored denim for a weekend stroll in afternoon or evening.

Style Picks For Flannel

✔ Pair your flannel with neutral colors

It is a great go-to style choice if you are trying to add flannel to your closet. In simple terms, solid colors offer simple contrast in order to complement interwoven patterns of Herringbone flannel shirts that you can pair with.

✔ Pick a comfortable fabric according to season

Herringbone is the way of pattern, it is not the material. Thus, you can get it in variety of colors, materials that are right for the weather.

✔ Avoid flannel for formal events

When it comes to plaid, this is not generally considered formal, so don’t wear it in a formal event.

✔ Match one color in the flannel with other colors that you wear

You do not always need to wear plaid with the neutral tones. Nevertheless, if you want to wear tones with colored clothes, then try to pick a flannel piece with one color, which is close to other colors in your outfits.

Make flannel your wardrobe staple! This is simply perfect for spring, summer & winter.

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