At least I got some quality phone time.
When I can’t sleep at night
Melody Ng

Hiya! I read over a few of your blog posts and though all of them held beauty to each one, I couldn’t help but see how relatable it was. Similar are emotions when it comes to every person as we’re all different which, in many cases, does that bring uniqueness. But alongside that are there those also who need that shoulder. I can actually say that i’m going through the same surprisingly it can be a war and also do I often wonder where I stand when facing what is known as a relationship. I approach, but I often contend with the other’s thoughts which I shouldn’t but where work comes is where it’s personalized. We have a few similarities I can say for sure but I also believe in approaches when it’s. .felt, you can say. Again, when I read over nearly everything you published were there hopes that I could possibly talk with you? I mean, success clearly differs from it’s counterpart depending on the situation presented to us but. .I don’t see the issue in trying.

I noticed that you live in Michigan. When I saw that, did I think about the sudden approach and the possibilities versus the obvious in contrast but again do I believe in the possible. Yeah! Everything appears to be bleak but. .it’s still what we make of it right? It’s often up to us in terms of what’s made of it but I told myself when I saw you: What if. .? I was hoping that I was able to send something and to have found something in this one exactly was the phase to smile there. I told myself, again, what it’d possibly be like and if something mutual could come out of it. Since all we can do is hope, the best part about doing so is seeing where you, as a person stood while trying. Melody i’ve gone through the same thing both episodic and current. My friends having their significant others and whereas some have just tied their knots do I have friends also who’ve led to the end from one ring to the next. I ask myself often where my chance is and if it’d come at all even. I blame myself even; though it’s a mutual thing why relationships end. But what I never do is hope for the worst since, well, they are friends. But alongside what they have do I hope for my own moments where I can, again, hold another’s hand with not only contentment but with the other not having an ounce of doubt like myself that things will possibly go south. Everyone grows tired of the what if scenarios and so on but i’ve told myself also that it’s making the move to finally say that you made what was most of it. Yep. Loneliness is indeed a war, so it’s understandable. But again did I tell myself that trying is where it could either start, or it could end.

I hope to hear from you and if not do I want you to keep your head up and smile even when things look, as I mentioned, bleak.

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