4 Drum Hacks For Tuning Your Snare

Peter Teueden, Cascio Music Drum Department

Not getting the right sound from your snare? Not sure how to fix it? Try these easy snare-side adjustment hacks and you’re snare will be sounding just like the pros.

I. Check The Tension

Check the tension of the bottom head by pressing your thumb down. You should feel a moderate amount of give, like pressing the center of your opposite hand. If the head gives too much or you see wrinkles, tighten it up. If it feels very hard, loosen it slightly.

II.Make Sure The Wires Are Centered.

Neither end of the wires should get too close to the bearing edge. If they aren’t centered, loosen both straps, re-position the wires, and secure the straps firmly. This can be done fairly easy. Be careful when loosening the straps so they don’t come undone. To make sure the wire is centered, use a drum stick from rim to rim to measure.

III. Check The Wire Tension.

With your thumb and index finger, try to wiggle the wire end plates from side to side. If they’re especially hard to move, loosen the strainer to take some tension off of the wires. You should be able to shift the wires an 1/8–1/4 inch without much force.

IV. Make Sure The Wires Are Seated Properly

With all of the rods evenly tensioned, try slightly loosening the 4 rods that surround the wires. That can help the wires seat properly, allowing them to make better contact across the head.

So there you have it, 4 hacks that can give your snare sound a boost. Do you have any drum hacks? Let us know in the comments, and follow us for more music news!

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