5 Companies Innovating In Band And Orchestra

How Top Music Instrument Vendors Are Continuing To Innovate

To a non-musician it may seem like classic band and orchestra instruments are stuck in time. A violin is a violin. It looks the same as it did 200 years ago, and the companies that make them have no motivation to innovate. In reality, band and orchestra instruments are constantly changing — in remarkable ways. Today we take a look at 5 music instrument companies that are defining the future of orchestration.

NS Design

NS Design creates some of the best sounding electric string instruments money can buy. Their New Active NXTa Electric Cello features custom designed electronics that provide extraordinary versatility in dynamics, play-style, and tone. Beyond the pickups, you also get a quality instrument that feels good to play.


Trombone maker Schilke just recently acquired Greenhoe Trombones. This potent pairing will likely lead to astounding innovation when it comes to trombones. Greenhoe creates some of the most innovative tenor and bass bones on the market. On the other hand Schilke has strong pull in the education market. These two companies working together are going to make a lot of musicians happy.

Yamaha Provides Excellent Support To Students


Yamaha has several established programs that innovate in band and orchestra, and they are one of the best brands for learning musicians. Yamaha incorporates a “step-up” program, that allow students to graduate to intermediate and professional instruments, when they are ready. They launched a new line of french horns, and clarinets this year. They are using better metals in their instruments, and hand crafting more and more. When they do use machining, they are using more advanced technology in their factories. The list goes on for this B&O Behemoth.


D’Addario recently launched a new line of student violin strings that are designed to help players advance at their craft. These strings are resilient, they are versatile, and they get a good tone. Beyond products, D’Addario provides an excellent web presence for a learning musician, with online clinics, factory tours, and core training that helps students shop for the right accessories.


At Cascio, we love pBuzz. The pBuzz line of instruments is really exciting to see. These plastic instruments are allowing young musicians to learn the basic of brass buzzing and sliding. It starts with a cheap plastic instrument, and evolves into a lifetime of quality musicianship. To us that is pretty magical.

Those are 5 of our favorite innovating B&O companies. What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments, and follow us for more music news!

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