Guitar Pro Shop Impressions: Fender Future Proofs at an Affordable Price

By Doug Justice

We recently had a chance to sit down and test out the new Fender Mustang GT200, the largest of 3 digital amplifiers in the new Mustang GT series from Fender. We also got to try out the Limited Edition Malaysian Blackwood Telecaster which, we must admit, feels great to play on. It features 2 fantastic sounding JP90 pickups and a smooth maple fingerboard. If you’re a collector, you don’t want to miss this one. Check out the video below to see both of these in action, or read on for our impressions.

Getting Started

One of the first things we noticed was the accessibility and ease of access to good sounds via presets from the amplifier’s LCD interface. It loads presets quickly and shows an informative display of the parameters and their settings per preset, which includes the type of amp being modeled, EQ, and effects. Switching presets is as simple as turning the sturdy knob on top of the amplifier, and it was easy to quickly surf through and test out the different sounds that come pre-programmed into the amplifier.


There is a well-rounded assortment of presets that come stock with the GT200, ranging from clean to crunchy to crushing distortion and most everything in between. The display shows the preset settings for gain, volume, EQ, and presence. It’s a snap to customize all the presents to your desired settings with the corresponding knobs on the left display. The knobs feel sturdy and well-built, turning smoothly for precise setting when dialing in the tone. There is also a free Fender Tone App to control presets, parameters and other settings of the amp from your phone, as well as download presets from other users and upload your own presets from the amplifier. The amp is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible, and if enabled they will keep the software in the amplifier updated as Fender adds new content and improvements over time.


The Mustang GT also comes equipped with a robust FX section — filled with options for virtual stomp boxes, reverbs, delays, and modulation effects. You can create your own effect chain and dial in exactly the signal flow you want for your tone. The effects can be quickly added to presets with a few clicks of a button.

Each parameter of the amplifier, be it EQ, amp model, or effect can be tweaked and customized to your specifications. Countless tones are at your disposal, making unique sound design fun and easy.

The aux and headphone inputs are welcome additions and round out the well-designed control interface on top of the amp. We were able to get some great sounds out of this amplifier in the time we spent with it, and the impressions from using and playing it were positive. This modern amplifier offers new technology and functionality to traditional solid-state amplifiers, and could very well be a sign of things to come in the future of guitar amplification.

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What do you think of Fender’s push for the future? Let us know in the comments below, and follow us for everything music.

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