Guitar Spotlight: Dean, Luna, Reverend

Guitarists are a unique breed. They come in countless styles, sounds, and techniques. To keep up with the ever evolving guitarist we’re back to flip the light on three of our favorite guitar brands: Dean, Reverend, and Luna. Each one is as great as they are unique. So whatever your musical flavor, you might just find your fit here. Check out these guitars in the hands of our experts to see how they play and sound in the video below…

Dean: Lean Mean Metal Machines

Founded in 1977, Dean has been flying their wings for 40 years now. Whether you’re just starting out, gigging around local clubs, or are touring across the country, Dean has you covered. Featuring some killer art and a great feel, picking up any Dean V is like picking up Thor’s hammer — you can feel the power. Dean recently dropped a Dave Mustaine VMNT Holy Grail Collectors Series of guitars. These beasts are finished in 24k gold, and each one is unique, featuring Mustaine’s signature, Seymour Duncan Livewire Gold pickups, PLUS they come with a chalice that you can drink the blood of your enemies from. Did I mention we have one? Check it out here. Some of the biggest names in metal shred on Dean Guitars including the aforementioned Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, Bret Michaels of Poison, and the late, great, Dimebag Darrell.

Luna: Acoustics That Will Have You Over the Moon

Luna Guitars are a great example of art inspiring art. Co-founded by accomplished stained glass artist Yvonne de Villiers, each Luna guitar features an artisanal design that might catch your eyes before catching your ears. They sound as good as they look too. Great for touring singer-songwriters, Luna Guitars are a gigging musician’s secret weapon. Looking for a twangy acoustic country style? Luna is great for that. More into roots revival? They do that as well. Most models come with a built in preamp, tuner, and 3 band EQ so you can play plugged in and not compromise your sound. Luna artists include: Florida-based singer-songwriter Carly Jo Jackson, and London street performer Charlotte Campbell.

Reverend: Garage Rock

Reverend was founded in 1997 in Detroit by master guitar technician Joe Naylor. Naylor started the company out of a garage behind a bicycle shop. Using his unique combination of design and luthier skills, Joe crafted the very first Reverend guitar. From there the business took off and became the company we know today. Featuring some of the wildest offset designs, these guitars can fill your sound with a warm clean vibe, or give you a jangly crunch. Some Reverend artists include Kid Rock, and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan. We recently demoed the Billy Corgan BC1 signature series … check it out here.

We recently demoed the Billy Corgan BC1 signature series … check it out here.

Brand love. We got it. Those are three of our favorite guitar brands. Let us know what you think in the comments, and follow us for more impressions, gear reviews, and spotlights!

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