Impressions: One Knob Fuzz From EarthQuaker Devices

We recently had the chance to sit down with the new Erupter fuzz pedal from EarthQuaker Devices. This stompbox offers a simple design: One true bypass switch for controlling the flow of audio through the pedal, one large knob to control the amount of fuzz added to the player’s guitar signal, and of course, the orange and black depiction of an erupting volcano. Check out our video demo below!

The pedal itself feels well-made and sturdy, but light enough to be a welcome addition to a player’s traveling pedal-board. The sound from the pedal itself ranges from a polite fuzzy addition, all the way to a fully-fledged fuzz overload. The manufacturer attests that setting the knob to precisely noon (dead center) offers the best sound from the pedal. After testing the Erupter across its entire range of sound potential, we tend to agree.

One Knob to Rule Them

The lower settings of this pedal offer a slightly more tamed and cordial fuzz sound, one that might be chosen by a producer to give a nice fuzz to the guitar tone while still allowing it to fit nicely into the mix. Predictably, as the knob is turned higher and higher the sound becomes much less polite. Turning the knob past the noon mid-point (where there is a center dent to denote the manufacturer’s recommended setting), we began to notice not only an increase in warmth and harmonic saturation, but also an increase in the perceived volume of the guitar signal overall. Near the fully turned-up setting, the tone becomes especially raucous and wild, handily equipping the player with a particularly scorching sound. The full frequency range of the guitar is represented adequately across most of the settings on this pedal. Despite the pedal’s simple design, it offers a relatively diverse palate of fuzzy textures and would serve as a solid fuzz pedal in most player’s setups.

While the EQD Erupter won’t replace your Big Muff or Swollen Pickle, it is a great fit for someone who is just getting started, and wants something simple OR if you are looking for a fuzz with a small footprint for your gigging board.

What do you think of the new Erupter Fuzz Pedal from EarthQuaker Devices? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to follow us for all your music gear info!

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