Sabian Vs. Zildjian: Clash of the Cymbal Titans

Ask any drummer what their favorite cymbals are, and they’ll say Zildjian. Or Sabian. Or some combination of both. Regardless of the heated debate inspired by a family fued, cymbals are an important part of your drum kit. That’s why it’s important to pick a set that you think is going to work for your playing. We asked our drum experts which brand they liked, and why. PLUS we had Josh compare the two for you all to hear. Check it out in the video below.

So many different factors come into play when we’re talking about cymbals. What genre are you playing? What tone are you looking for? Are you trying to emulate a famous player that inspired you, or are you looking for a more versatile set up? Are these things going to hold up after taking a beating? Without a doubt Zildjian and Sabian make some of the best cymbals money can buy. Here’s what two of our drum experts had to say:

“I have played Zildjian cymbals since I started playing drums, and have never looked back. No other company makes a better quality cymbal in my opinion. With 100+ shows a year, I rely on them to be strong, sound good, and last. Zildjian offers the best selection of sounds allowing maximum creativity and originality to the groups I perform with.” — Jacob Miller, Band & Orchestra Buyer and Drum Afficionado

Sabian Legacy HHX

“I was never sponsored by a cymbal company so I’ve always been able to mix and match cymbal brands. I’m pretty old and started playing in the 60s, so it was always Zildjian from the start, but through the years I began to experiment with Paiste, Sabian and others. My personal favorites filtered down to “sets” that reflected the genres of music I was performing. With all-out rock bands I mostly played Zildjian K and A cymbals. In other cases, I’ve pretty much always used my 20” K Custom ride and 14” K Hi hats, but in blues applications I would switch to my Sabian HH crashes for that dark rich tone.

For louder gigs and outdoor events, I usually prefer my Paiste 2002 crashes, for their bright defined sound. I’ve always leaned to the Paiste 2002 China cymbals as well, and sometimes Wuhan. A lot of people are very loyal to one brand and that’s fine, but with so many choices, unless someone is paying you to use their cymbals, it’s fun to mix and match to find the perfect sounds.” — Scott Thayer, Drum Buyer

That’s what our drum experts think, but what about you? Let us know in the comments below, and follow us for more great music news!

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