The Drummer’s Solution for New Gear This Summer is at Cascio Interstate Music — And You Could Win A $5,000 Prize!

Summer is almost upon us here in Milwaukee — we at least THINK so. If you’re an active drummer, hopefully your calendar is filling up with gigs as the weather gets warmer. You probably need some new gear or accessories to keep you going through a grueling whirlwind of outdoor festivals, club dates, wedding receptions, and recording sessions, right? Or maybe you’re just getting your musical career started and need some equipment.

So to cure your gear hunger, if you’re in SE Wisconsin, come and visit our very large and impressive Milwaukee music store here. You can also shop online here. Plus … we have a free catalog just for you, a printed piece of drum delights and desires that you can hold in your hands — a catalog we’ve been doing for the past 24 years for drummers all across the United States.

Summer 2017 Drums & Percussion Catalog

Cascio’s new Summer 2017 Drums & Percussion Catalog has 116 pages, chock-full of the very latest products and best sellers from major manufacturers. Inside you’ll find an extensive selection of cymbals, drumheads, drumsticks and mallets; drum accessories from practice pads to muffling devices; percussion from hand-held to ethnic drums; drumsets and hardware; cases and bags; electronic drums and triggers; microphones and headphones; plus instructional books and DVDs. Nashville session ace Shannon Forrest is on the cover — he’s played on more Top 10 hits than any drummer in Nashville for seven years running. Order your FREE Catalog here or by phone at (800) 462–2263. You can also view it online here.

Shannon Forrest

Summer’s Here — New Gear!

Our drum buyer, Scott, wanted you to know about some of the great new products we’ve got … and below are just SOME of them!

Page 2: Zildjian’s series of K CUSTOM SPECIAL DRY CYMBALS are raw and earthy, delivering a dry, funky sound. And they LOOK cool, too. Page 41: RTOM’s BLACK HOLE MESH PRACTICE PADS give you the same sound of your kit but at a lower volume. They snap right onto your drum hoops! Page 53: Meinl’s JUMBO ARCH BASS CAJONS have extra wide curved sides and back, resulting in enhanced bass notes with quite an awesome boomy and punchy sound! Page 84: Mapex’s BLACK PANTHER DESIGN LAB SERIES SNARE DRUMS are pro-level snares that embody the performance qualities desired by top players.


Page 100: KAT Percussion’s KT4 ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT is a 5-piece kit that features new high-end, professional quality drum and cymbal sounds percussion samples in its built-in library of 780 sounds, along with a greater “drum set feel.” Page 103: ddrum’s HYBRID 5-PIECE SHELL PACK is a fully functional acoustic drum set augmented with Acoustic Pro triggers, but without cymbals or hardware. And on page 109: “SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE MODERN DRUMMER” is a book with two mp3 CDs pack, authored by Rascal Flatts’ drummer Jim Riley. This amazing resource will expand your knowledge of many music styles to help prepare you for any gig situation!

This Shell Pack Could Be Yours!

Win A Great Prize Valued at $5,000!

Casio Interstate’s latest Sweepstakes is now underway, thanks to Pearl Drums. Sign up now to win Pearl’s MUSIC CITY CUSTOM MAPLE RESERVE 4-PIECE SHELL PACK with a matching snare drum. (If you don’t know, a “shell pack” is a drumset without any hardware or cymbals.) The sweepstakes winner gets to select the finish — with a choice of 35 exciting flavors! This exclusive kit is precision CNC drilled and fully assembled at Pearl’s custom shop facility within Pearl’s USA corporate headquarters in Nashville, TN.

This 4-piece shell pack includes:

• 100% Maple Shells, 4 plies of 5mm thick wood
• Aluminum OptiMount, Low-mass bridge lugs, Fat tone hoops
• 22” Kick Drum
• 10” Tom
• 12” Tom
• 16” Floor Tom
• Matching Snare Drum
• Choose from one of 35 beautiful covered finishes
• Cymbals & Hardware are NOT included

Enter before January 15, 2018 at: or mail in an entry form from the catalog. Good luck on our giveaway, and may you have an awesome summer of drumming! We want to hear about your summer gigs! Let us know in the comments below.

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