Sometimes you just want waffles and beans

When the idea of a bearnaise sauce- a bed of jus or a side of truffle frites just doesn’t cut it grab yourself a pack of frozen waffles and a tin of good old Heinz and live life.

Complicated, fancy and a little pretentious? We can all say we are guilty of getting comfortable in being who we want to be instead of actually appreciating what we are.

We are all created to be unique

All designed to differ depending on that second of a conversation, a light bulb in our head or a vision in front of us that makes us stop and create an opinion.

Have your thoughts, choose your own way….. have waffles and beans and trust me one day in the future you will stop and be happy because you have been true to you!

P.s go on be a rebel squirt a shot of HP on the top

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