One Eco-System For Legal Departments

Why is happiness at work important?

Legal departments are under ever-increasing pressure to do more, to do it better, and to do it faster — but these things can’t happen without a motivated team. If you want your employees to stay focused, productive, and inspiring as their workload increases, you have to prioritize the sense of pride they take in their work.

The costs of small dips in engagement add up quickly: U.S. companies waste roughly $450–550 billion annually on distracted workers, which is certainly a whole lot of Insta-scrolling.

Which of these tasks can be delegated to a robot?

Stop insulting the intelligence of your employees by assigning them robot-level tasks. With’s intelligent tools, you can share cases and documents with team members inside and outside of the firm, generate smart reports, and automate repetitive tasks, all in one refreshing environment. In a recent study, lawyers reported:

83% Waste Time On Data Entry

Spreadsheets have been around for over three decades, and it’s time you gave your team a better way to keep track of data.

67% Waste Time On Time-Tracking and Notes

Why should you pay someone to keep track of the time they spend working? As our robots would say, “The program took too long to finish. Check your code for infinite loops and try again.”

58% Waste Time Generating Reports

Be honest: how many of the reports that you ask your employees for do you actually read with a careful eye? That’s what we thought.

Let lawyers be lawyers. Hire robots and restore the essence of the legal industry.

10 Tasks Employees Hate The Most

45% Hate Attending Meetings
Our Solution: Online Tools For Sharing And Collaboration

Some meetings are essential, but most collaborations be conducted more efficiently online. With, you can share documents and files securely or even compare one another’s schedules and task lists, all from the comfort of your desk — or, thanks to our mobile app, while on the go.

33% Hate Reviewing Long Documents
Our Solution: Your Rules Your Way

Stop spending your time searching through important papers and start letting smart filters do the work for you. On, you set the parameters for your document search, and finds the things you’re looking for, reviewing millions of documents in just seconds.

29% Hate Answering The Same Questions Everyday
Our Solution: A Chatbot That Never Loses Its Cool

Even the most unflappable legal team members can get fatigued by the endless questions clients ask every day. With, build a custom chatbot that can answer the vast majority of those questions for you — in a friendly tone every time.

46% Hate Speaking To Their Boss
Our Solution: Keep Apprised Of Their Work From Your Desk

Don’t take it personally: employees only hate speaking to their bosses because updating you takes valuable time away from their clients. Using’s newsfeed, you can keep everyone happy while getting realtime information on what each of your employees is working on, has already accomplished, and is planning to tackle in the coming days and weeks.

83% Hate Manual Data Entry
Our Solution: Automate Your Workflow

Never fill in a blank form again. allows you to create and duplicate custom forms that help you avoid retyping, committing mistakes, and entering duplicate information during the data entry process.

67% Hate Time Tracking
Our Solution: Let AI Take Care Of It

Our AI time tracking system assesses your habits and can accurately predict how long each activity will take you — and then logs it automatically. When you’d rather do it the old fashioned way or our estimates aren’t spot-on, our intuitive stopwatch feature eliminates the need to keep a record of each task — we do that for you and tally up the totals automatically.

34% Hate Taking Notes In Meetings
Our Solution: Voice Record

Leave your planners and legal pads at home and let our smart voice recording tools take “notes” for you automatically. If you do need to jot something down, you can do so discreetly in our mobile app.

17% Hate Processing Documents
Our Solution: Smart Document Assembly Tools

Our technology asks you a short series of questions and then generates custom documents with the click of a button. You can then store those resulting forms online or export them to Microsoft Word.

58% Hate Reporting
Our Solution: Better Reports

Our reporting templates generate results. Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly data, our custom reports deliver the information you need — and none of what you don’t.

41% Hate requesting Time Off
Our Solution: Work Anywhere

While we can’t hook you up with the necessary SPF, our massive cloud storage, bank-level data protection, 2-factor authentication and IP address restriction gives your employees the freedom to do great work from anywhere — even the beach.