Not Everything is As It Memes
Dave Pell

Cute story... But I see you and raise you: I’m following perfect parking procedure as I am backing into a parking space. I slam on my brakes! Someone suddenly appeared in my driver side door mirror going behind my vehicle where I was about to park. A very angry SF police officer darted for my door and yelled. “You were gonna hit me!”

I yelled back, “You’re J-walking!

He thought for a moment about what he did, which was, he parked across the street and darted across the street. He then shouted, “We’re both wrong!” And before I could get out another word; let alone a laugh he was gone.

My point? Police are so arrogant. This officer was unwilling to admit that he was in the wrong. And though I try to give all people more respect than they deserve, a story like this does not move the needle.

God bless Fred Barley and all police.

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