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So you want to find out how to prepare for the management consulting case interview but don’t know which books to read or courses to take?

Your search for finally feeling confident for your next interview ends right here.

Introducing CaseToolsa mobile app that is exclusively designed and optimized for the mobile phone and young professionals — just like you.

Crafted with the help of top management consultants. We have successfully helped candidates getting into McKinsey, BCG, Oliver Wyman, AT Kearney, and more. We are excited to help you too.

First of all, congratulations!

It looks like you have been selected for a rare opportunity to show off your skills and prove your skills with a top management consultancy. Let’s face it: Especially the first few interviews can sometimes seem very intimidating.

A typical consulting interview process is aimed to test you in the following skills:

  • Behavioral and Personal Fit Questions
  • Logical Reasoning and Creativity
  • Quantitative (Mental Math) Skills
  • Drive and Professionalism

The good news is that with the right preparation tools it can become relatively straightforward to succeed and get the job of your dreams.

Which tools you may ask?

The CaseTools App Learning Structure

We also asked ourselves the same question. So we spent a lot of time thinking about how to craft the most crucial facts into an easily digestible app that allows you to learn in a flexible manner, feel more prepared, save you time. In addition to that, we also strived to help you to practice your learned skills.

Let me introduce you to the structure of our CaseTools app.

The app is structured in a Learning and Practice path.

🎓 Learning Path


Here you will learn everything about the interview. Discover the various interview structures and get important tips and tricks for the case study, mental math, and brainteasers. It will teach you about how to structure your preparation time, how to approach the case study as well as interesting math strategies to significantly improve your mental math game. We have gathered 20+ commonly asked interview questions and developed detailed answers for them. Furthermore, you can even save your own answers which makes it perfect for practicing and iterating over the best possible answers.

Interview Section


Business frameworks will help you with organizing your thoughts during the case interview. We picked the best and most commonly used ones and created beautiful graphics and detailed descriptions. We currently feature more than 8+ Business Frameworks including the BCG Matrix, Porter’s Five Forces, and the Ansoff Matrix.

Frameworks Section


We believe that getting used to commonly used terms applied in consulting firms will help you impress your next interviewer and significantly help you to stand out from other candidates. This is why we gathered more than 60+ terms in our glossary for you to learn and adapt.

Glossary Section


Facts? Yes, facts. Possessing general knowledge is indispensable especially for market sizing cases (aka. guesstimates). In a case interview, you must be familiar with data about population, life expectancy, GDP…, especially for the country you are interviewing for and popular countries such as the US where most big consulting firms are based. This knowledge demonstrates that you have the potential to be business savvy and are well-read. CaseTools provides you an exhaustive list of 50+ countries with facts about economy, society, and geography so that you will easily master those guesstimates.

Facts Section

🧠 Practicing Path

Mental & Business Math

During the case interview, your quantitative skills will be also put to the test. Typically you are not allowed to use a calculator — hence being proficient in mental math is essential for your interview success! ⁠CaseTools helps you to enhance your mental maths skills with addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and percentage calculations. ⁠You can even adjust the difficulty level ranging from easy to hard. ⁠

Similar to mental math, you will also need to show off math skills in a business-related context. Therefore, we have more than 15+ business context math drills for you to practice.

Mental & Business Math Sections

Case Studies

The case study is the heart of the consulting interview. Currently, we have four detailed 20min+ real-life consulting interview case studies that you can go through in an interactive dialog-like controllable flow. This way it will feel like you are experiencing the interview in the first person.

Case Studies Section

Track your progress

In addition to all those features, we enable you to track your progress and playfully earn badges for accomplished challenges. We hope the dopamine rush will help you learn even faster!

Achievements Section

We spent a lot of effort in creating this unique app for you and wholeheartedly hope that it will help you ace your next interview and get you the job that have always wanted! Getting a job in a management consultancy can be a big springboard for your career and with the right tools, it is even easier as you might think!

You can get it now here:

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Good luck with your preparation!

Any questions or CaseTools success stories? We would love to hear from you. Just drop us a few lines at and let us know!



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