A Young White Guy’s Stereotypes

On Mexicans, Muslims, Terrorists, Young Black Men, LGBTQIA people, and more:

I know stereotyping is wrong, but let’s be honest: we all do it. So here are a couple of my own personal stereotypes:

Mexican Immigrants:

Super-friendly, super-hard working. Usually risked everything and left loved ones behind for the chance to make enough money to send back to support family who have little to no opportunity or live in a more dangerous place. Dedicated, loyal, family-oriented. This actually applies to more than just immigrants from Mexico. If you’ve ever wondered what’s so wrong with Latin America that so many people would leave for the U.S., start with this book.

People Who Hate On Illegal Mexican Immigrants:

Entitled white people, disgruntled that their lives haven’t turned out according to their own myth of what the American dream is supposed to be (usually a skewed ratio of lots of money for little-to-no work). Claim they work their asses off, actually spend most of their time on Facebook claiming they work their asses off and blaming immigrants for their problems. Prone to whining. “Above” certain kinds of work. Will never read the aforementioned book.

Trump Supporters:

Scared / fearful white people. Low- to middle-income. Would actually benefit the most from a more social-democratic government. Wouldn’t pass the American citizenship exam. Closet or openly racist and/or sexist. Doesn’t discern between Terrorists and Muslims, nor Illegal Immigrants and Mexicans.

Foreigners Who Become American Citizens:

Actually passed the American citizenship exam (well… that’s a fact). Actually proud just to be an American (i.e. doesn’t wear “pride” as a badge to substantiate a particular culture as the true American way); probably finds it funny that some citizens believe themselves to be “more” American or Patriotic than others.


Stoic people who deal with being labeled as dangerous and as “terrorists” in the media on a daily basis, despite being normal, friendly, family-oriented people who practice one of the three largest Abrahamic religions in the world. Probably pretty over the fact that, despite comprising 1/5th of the global population, they’re all thrown in a bag with a handful of violent, radical extremists.


Once normal people who feel so ostracized, powerless or hopeless they become highly susceptible to radical extremism and believe they have no option but to commit acts of violence against an “enemy” that stands to destroy them. Emboldened by a sense of duty to a cause or deity, empowered (1) when people actually fear them, (2) when powerful people further ostracize already stigmatized people prone to becoming terrorists (i.e. “ban Muslims”) and (3) when innocent people are killed in the process of / while trying to kill terrorists.

2nd Amendment Enthusiasts:

Actually believe (and fear) people are trying to take everyone’s guns away. Swallow everything the NRA says without question. Feel ostracized and increasingly susceptible to fantasies of armed insurrections.

Young Black Men:

Good chance their great-great- or great-great-great-grandparents were slaves. Good chance their grandpas lived with the fear of lynch mobs and the impossibility of getting a decent-paying job. Have to live with the fear of getting shot by police for doing nothing wrong. Higher likelihood of getting arrested and imprisoned for something I wouldn’t get in trouble for because I’m white. Probably so over white people believing there’s no such thing as structural racism or that society is a “level playing field.” Probably so over getting singled out as a potential shop-lifter every time they go shopping. Want to live a safe, normal life with love, success and happiness like everybody else.


Know more about American history and politics than Americans. Don’t know how Americans could be so dumb as to elect George Bush (twice) and now even consider Donald Trump, but also have the reasoning capacity to understand how powerful a grip giant corporations have on our media and government. Also have the wherewithal to understand not all Americans are stupid, despite American tourists in Europe constantly claiming as much.


Have a more accurate, objective view of society as they have to come to terms with the fact that who they are doesn’t always “fit in.” More comfortable and confident in their skin than most straight people due to the soul-searching required to be openly against the grain of mainstream society. Courageous. Tough-skinned. Probably so over the fact that who you love and how you express yourself matters to anyone else besides the people involved.

Originally published at gentlemyn.com.
Written by Casey Wojtalewicz.