2017 RORR Division Preview

As a side-note to the rookie draft, we also had a division realignment-draft that occurred on draft day. The new divisions should create some interesting dynamics as last year’s top four had the opportunity to pick their competition for automatic bids into the playoffs. Let’s take a look at each division and make some way-too-early predictions!

Terrell Davis

Fightin Whities (1–12), The Ghost of Al Davis (8–5), Fantasy Costco (5–8)

Fightin Whities was last year’s bottom-barrel team and was the consensus #1 team everyone wishes they could play twice a year pick. The Ghost of Al Davis is the league’s reigning champion despite making the playoffs on a thoroughly average record, this team was poised to be dangerous but Nick decided to blow up a solid RB core for future picks putting a repeat championship in jeopardy. Fantasy Costco slots in as the last pick in the division draft and despite missing the playoffs last year may be a serious contender after a series of deals to assemble one of the best young cores in exchange for future draft picks.

Predicted Finish Order:

1. Fantasy Costco — Depth at RB and a triple threat WR core propel the team to the division lead.

2. The Ghost of Al Davis — A relatively top-heavy roster and poor TE position bring losses during the bye weeks and cause Nick to lose the division lead. (Predicted wild card team)

3. Fightin’ Whities — Bad luck, injuries, and a weak roster combine to propel Joe to a top 3 draft pick.

LaDainian Tomlinson

Afternoon Delight (6–7), Brady Gaga (2–11), Nuclear Fallout (8–4–1)

After squeaking into the playoffs thanks to a weak division, Afternoon Delight found fire and ran to the championship. However, an aging team and a weak RB core puts Afternoon Delight in a precarious position to compete. Brady Gaga found little success with a veteran roster in 2016 and has moved into full rebuild mode gathering draft picks and young talent. Nuclear Fallout’s acquisition of Melvin Gordon firmly put Peter into the legitimate contender conversation. Bye weeks will cost his roster a few wins but trotting out the best 5-deep WR group should cover up most of his deficiencies.

Predicted Finish Order:

1. Nuclear Fallout — The WR corps carries the team to a decisive division conquest.

2. Afternoon Delight — A weak RB squad and question marks at WR lead to a .500 season.

3. Brady Gaga — The rebuild goes full steam and producing players are sent to contenders around week 5 for a bevy of draft picks.

Kurt Warner

Release the Kringen (10–3), The Aborted (6–7), Anarchy PD (10–2–1)

Release the Kringen comes off a strong regular season but a disappointing playoffs where he was ousted in the first round to the eventual champion. Between a three-headed monster at RB and a wide receiver core where at least a few have to work out, the wins should flow. Ryan took over a team in a strange position: certifiably the weakest top-to-bottom roster yet owning a few studs who can single-handedly win games. He responded by saying “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”. Anarchy PD owns what is likely the most polarizing roster in the league. The roster is quickly aging and if Sean doesn’t collect the wins early season there may be a full evacuation. I predict this division will be the closest of all.

Predicted Finish Order:

1. Anarchy PD — There’s just too much talent on this roster to not see the wins come in.

2. Release the Kringen — There’s too many wide receivers with potential to not have a few hit to accompany the legendary RB trio. However, it may take a few weeks to find the winning combo costing wins. (Predicted wild card team)

3. The Aborted — The consistently won’t be there but Ryan will end up with a pretty good record as he routinely grabs wins as his team surges and puts up ridiculous points.

Morten Andersen

Legion of Boom (2–11), It Ertz When Eifert (13–0), Big Ginga (6–7)

Legion of Boom started the league off in building mode and has been making moves to prepare for a behemoth, unfortunately the team appears to not quite be there yet. It Ertz When Eifert was a veritable buzz-saw to face in the 2016 regular season but put up a poorly timed dud in the postseason. That said, the roster is still strong and should win plenty of games even if it’s not as many as last year. Big Ginga had a series of poor luck in the wide receiver department in 2016 yet had solid production at all other positions, however his WRs should bounce back this year but will it be enough?

Predicted Finish Order:

1. It Ertz When Eifert — As much as I’d love to make a hot-take here it would be foolish at this time to suggest Ertz/ Eifert won’t be pacing the division even after trading Demarco Murray away.

2. Legion of Boom — This could be entirely wrong, but the roster appears prepared for a big step forward this year.

3. Big Ginga — Could easily out-perform this prediction but has several older players who appear in danger of losing a step and a lot of production.

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