2017 RORR Draft Primer


It Ertz When Eifert — Bryan K

Picks: 2.09, 3.09, 4.09

Status: Contender

Team Needs: Young talent

Draft preview: With his first pick at 2.09, Bryan K should focus on players who he sees as talented even if they don’t have immediate year 1 opportunity.

Release the Kringen — Donny

Picks: 2.03, 3.08, 4.02, 4.08

Status: Contender

Team Needs: RB depth

Draft preview: With a depleted RB stable, but plenty of WR potential Donny should be picking strictly RBs. A good 2nd tier RB should be available at 2.03.

Beats by Ray — Nick

Picks: 2.04, 2.12, 3.12

Status: Contender

Team Needs: TE, WR depth

Draft preview: Nick desperately needs one of the top TEs to be available at 2.04. Or he can choose to buy a vet and try to draft a flex-worthy WR.

Afternoon Delight — Bryan D

Picks: 2.11, 3.04, 3.11

Status: Aging Contender

Team Needs: Youth

Draft preview: Bryan’s team got real old looking this off-season. Expect him to select players he can sit on while he rides his aging team into the sunset.

Anarchy PD — Sean

Picks: 1.04, 1.10, 2.10, 3.10, 4.10, 4.12

Status: Contender

Team Needs: Youth

Draft preview: Sean has good players are pretty much every position but has an old team. Any player he picks has no need to have year 1 appeal so he can choose talent over current situation.

Anarchy PD is aging, and quickly


Big Ginga — Rick

Picks: 1.06, 3.02, 3.06, 4.06

Status: Middle-tier

Team Needs: Young QB, young RB, WR depth

Draft preview: Rick could really use a WR who can slot in immediately in the flex for this year if he’s looking to contend. If not, Using pick 6 on an RB who may not contribute as much year 1 might start a rebuild. He can address his ancient QB situation in later rounds.

Nuclear Fallout — Peter

Picks: 1.07, 2.07, 3.07, 4.04

Status: Middle-tier

Team Needs: #1 RB, QB, TE

Draft preview: Peter should find a solid RB at 1.07 to compliment an incredible WR core. A hit at RB could catapult him into instant contention.


Legion of Boom — Jeff

Picks: 1.03, 1.11, 1.12, 2.02, 4.03

Status: Slow and steady build

Team Needs: #1 RB and a fast-forward to 2019

Draft preview: should be able to address RB with 1.03 then has the team build to grab whoever he likes at the end of the 1st or trade those picks to people who are in love with who is there to switch to win-now.

Skillets United — Casey

Picks: 3.03, 4.07, 4.11

Status: Making Deeeaaaals

Team Needs: TE, flex depth

Draft preview: With little draft capital, Casey should look to either a promising young TE or other flex piece.


Fighting Whities — Joe

Picks: 1.01, 2.01, 3.01, 4.01

Status: Picking up the Pieces

Team Needs: Expanding stable of young RB and WR talent

Draft preview: Joe has the pick of the litter at 1.01 but needs to find a way to fill out roster with rising stars

To Be Named — Ryan

Picks: 1.05, 2.05, 3.05, 4.05

Team Needs: RB, WR depth

Status: Nurture the Orphan

Draft preview: Luckily coming in with all picks intact for his first dynasty draft, Ryan desperately needs to find a starting-caliber RB and to get depth at WR. His starters may be adequate but his flex spots look barren.

Brady Gaga — Andrew

Picks: 1.02, 1.08, 1.09, 2.06, 2.08

Status: Cultivate Mass

Team Needs: WR, backup QB

Draft preview: Andrew has gathered picks in preparation for a build-up. He should have a good option available at 1.02 and hopefully a top WR at 1.08. If not, it may be worth pulling a Browns and trading that for more picks this or next year.

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