Trade Winners, Losers, and Headscratchers

Our fledgling dynasty league will be celebrating it’s first anniversary of existence in the coming month. None of the league members are remotely new to fantasy football, but almost all entered a completely new world when stepping into the realm of dynasty.

In addition to our start-up draft giving us a few moments where we all kicked ourselves repeatedly, there have been shortsighted waiver wire moves and trades that we regret down the line. While we aren’t exactly far “down the line” we can still ridicule people for their mistakes.

So here is a review of the biggest trades of the 2016 season with input from the Dynasty FF Tools trade calculator .

The Draft Day Massacre:
Fighting Whities gives: LeVeon Bell (2.03), DeVante Parker (3.10) & Golden Tate (6.03)
Skillets United gives: Cam Newton(2.10), TY Hilton (3.03), & Jamaal Charles (5.03)
Calculator says: 67% fair, heavily in favor of Skillets with a difference today equal to ADP of 32.14 (Travis Kelce). 
While this trade was made look much worse after-the-fact due to some pretty poor drafting, it was a strong value to the Skillets to move up and get an RB who is now considered a top fantasy asset.

Nobody is a Winner!
Fighting Whities gives: Cam Newton (2.10), TY Hilton (3.03), Jamaal Charles (5.03), JJ Nelson (17.10)
Afternoon Delight gives: Keenan Allen (2.04), Laquon Treadwell (3.09), Tyler Eifert (5.09), Kendall Wright(20.04)
Calculator says: 90% fair, slightly in favor of the Fighting Whities with a difference today equal to ADP of 98 
This trade basically threw misguided picks all over the place due to the terrible judgment lapse that taking Cam at 2.10 was and basically everything that involved forming Joe’s abortion of a team.

When the Gaga Cries, Vol. 1
Brady Gaga gives: Jarvis Landry
It Ertz when Eifert gives: Matt Forte, 2017 1st (1.07)
Calculator says: 34% fair, heavily in favor of Ertz when Eifert with a difference today equal to ADP of 46 
A trade doesn’t need to be complicated to be a total loss, and Brady Gaga proved that expertly by trading a top PPR receiver for an aging RB and a 1st from a team that was in position to go deep into the playoffs.

The Unicorn
Brady Gaga gives: Matt Forte, 2017 3rd (3.02)
Big Ginga gives: Alfred Morris, 2017 2nd (2.06)
Calculator says: 100% fair
Alfred Morris’ value has completely cratered nowadays, but apparently Matt Forte + 3.02 = 2.06.? This trade fit the fact that Brady Gaga desperately needed to get some draft capital since his team was going full tank and Big Ginga really really wanted to be a playoff threat.

Buying a Championship
Skillets United gives: LeVeon Bell
Beats by Ray gives: Lesean McCoy, Tyler Boyd, 2017 1st (1.12)
Calculator says: 55% fair, heavily in favor of BBR with a difference today equal to ADP of 37.
A misguided attempt to liquidate some stud assets and rebuild by Skillets started a streak of straight fire for Beats as Bell averaged 27 points for the rest of the season, including a 51 point performance in the playoffs. No Bell, no championship for Beats by Ray.

Fleece, Sized Small
Nuclear Fallout gives: Eddie Lacy
Skillets United gives: Andy Dalton, 2017 4th (4.04)
Calculator says: 28% fair, heavily in favor of Skillets with a difference today equal to ADP of 104.
While technically much more “unfair” according to the than the trainwreck that was the Bell trade, this trade had much lower stakes. Skillets traded a QB who was going to ride the bench for an RB on the IR. Maybe not the best long-term trade for Nuclear Fallout, but considering his need at QB it’s only the smallest of fleeces.

When the Gaga Cries, Vol. 2
Brady Gaga gives: 2017 2nd (2.02)
Legion of Boom gives: Christine Michael
Calculator says: 13% fair, heavily in favor of Legion of Boom with a difference today equal to ADP of 129.
I… I don’t know man. Trading what Brady Gaga knew was going to be a top-quality 2nd rounder for a journeyman RB. Maybe he got caught up in the Green Bay hype, maybe he got drunk and offered it, we may never know.

Buying 2nd Place
Afternoon Delight gives: Leonte Carroo, 2017 1st (1.11)
Skillets United gives: LeSean McCoy
Calculator says: 29% fair, heavily in favor of Afternoon Delight with a difference today equal to ADP of 57
At the time the trade was made, McCoy had an ADP of 67, the 2017 pick was unknown, and Carroo had an ADP of 112. Today: 42, 98, and 206, respectively for each. Once again, Skillets traded an RB away just before he went completely bananas. McCoy buoyed Afternoon Delight’s journey into and through the playoffs with an average 24 points for the remainder of the season.

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