Vegans of Color

Chef E as he appeared on Chopped
Photo: Food Network

What happens when a seasoned gourmet chef discovers firsthand the many benefits of plant-based eating? Some of the most stunning vegan dishes you could imagine!

Chef Edwin Anthony Rodriguez, who came up in New York City and currently resides in Charlotte, N.C., worked in Michelin-starred restaurants for over a decade…

Vegans of Color

Lisa Le smiles while posing with a plate of delicious noodles.
Photo: Katherine Sousa / Two Market Girls

The theory of love languages, coined by Gary Chapman in The Five Love Languages, offers a framework for qualifying one’s preferred ways of giving and receiving affection. These include acts of service, quality time, physical touch, verbal affirmations, and gifting. But some argue that a sixth should be recognized: food.

Vegans of Color

Photo of Jamila Anahata, wearing a witchy black outfit, looking at her tarot spread while reclining on a yellow bed
Photos provided by Jamila Anahata

“Veganism was definitely the spark that ignited my holistic wellness journey,” says Jamila Anahata, creator of The Soulful Veganista, a blog where she shares her knowledge of holistic healing, delicious recipes, and spiritual guidance. …

Vegans of Color

Amy Quichiz posing with her fingers held to her left temple in front of a backdrop of iridescent fabric.
Photo: Bridget Badore

We all come to veganism differently — and we should all challenge ourselves to question, learn, and think critically at every turn. For Amy Quichiz, the journey began with passionate advocacy against animal abuse, but turned into more as she began to question the overwhelmingly white spaces she encountered.


Vegans of Color

Photos provided by The Herbivorous Butcher

One of the hardest parts of changing your diet is the cutting out a favorite food—and for Kale Walch, that challenge became an opportunity for inspiration. After turning a full 180° away from greasy fast food and towards a vegan diet in 2012, the budding chef embraced his creativity in…

Vegans of Color

Photos courtesy of Lemel Durrah

Staying healthy in food desert—an area with a lack of supermarkets, fresh produce, and access to non-processed food—is no easy task. A 2010 study showed that in South L.A., there were only only 60 supermarkets to service approximately 1.3 …

Vegans of Color

Photo provided by Isaias Hernandez

Climate change is harmful to all humans, but intersections of class, race, and gender alike can make certain groups more vulnerable. From the ways that redlining puts communities of color at higher risk during heatwaves to the negative global impact on indigenous populations, it’s clear that institutional privilege extends protections…

Vegans of Color

Photos courtesy of RG Enriquez

“I would eat Filipino food as a way to cure my homesickness,” says RG Enriquez, reflecting on her teenage years that followed her family’s move from the Philippines to the San Francisco Bay Area. Years later, after a college nutrition course prompted her to experiment with eliminating animal products from…

Vegans of Color

Photos provided by Ashley Thompson

It’s no secret that vegetarian and vegan diets can shave a life-saving percentage off of an individual’s risk for heart disease and reduce related lifestyle risk factors like obesity, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes. …

Casey Walker

Writer, vegan, heavy sleeper.

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