This week we launched a much requested feature in Delegate.

With scheduled processes, you can have Delegate launch checklists for you on a daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or yearly basis. This is great for things like daily open/close processes, or monthly accounting systems.

To use it, create a new procedure (or edit an existing one) and select “Scheduled process”:​

Traditional processes only run when triggered in the app, but scheduled processes will run automagically!

​Then, select your frequency (daily, weekly, etc), and which days of the week the process should run:

We built Delegate to answer the question, “How can we document and manage our business processes?”

The Delegate checklist dashboard, enumerating a list of processes that are either completed or in progress.
The checklist dashboard at, keeping track of the processes in progress at your company.

If you know Lofty, then you know we build data-driven application for disruptive companies.

What you may not know is we often build apps for ourselves. …

I am pleased to announce that Sloan Ahrens and Tyrel Denison have joined our team as Senior Software Engineers.

Both Sloan and Tyrel have established themselves as talents and leaders in Northwest Arkansas’ software engineering community.

Sloan is the Co-Founder, and former CTO, of StackSearch (now QBox), and has been working with Lofty Labs in a consulting capacity since February 2015.

Tyrel has had a long-standing career designing software systems for companies such as Daisy, GPA Inc. and, most recently, Field Agent.

We expect that Sloan and Tyrel will further strengthen Lofty’s reputation and thought leadership in the areas of software development, data engineering, and machine learning.

Welcome, Sloan and Tyrel!

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We were proud to host a great group at this month’s FayettePy meetup at our HQ in Fayetteville’s Mill District.

Ryan Hiebert presented his analysis of the Data Classes feature which shipped with Python 3.7 earlier this year.

FayettePy meets every 3rd Thursday at a local tech company to discuss Python and it’s applications in Web Development, Business, and Academia.

See the full schedule of events at:

Ryan Hiebert, presenting “Data Classes: What are they good for?”

Casey Kinsey

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