Startup Life Really Does Take Me Around the World

Casey Lau
Casey Lau
Jul 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Many, many people seem to think I moved to Hawaii full time, even though I post on social media I am everywhere BUT in Hawaii (I guess more people read this post than I thought) so I thought I would update the old post to clarify where I am (hint: not Hawaii).

I do mentor teams at the Blue Startups program in Hawaii and help put on the East Meets West conference in Honolulu:

But besides doing that a few times a year, I’ve also been speaking on startup panels in Fukuoka, Japan:

Judging startups in Hanoi:

That’s not me, that’s Jean the organizer, this is the view from the judge seats!

Attending award events in Beijing:

Connecting with tech people in Shanghai:

Meetings with big entertainment companies in Los Angeles:

Doing meetings at a huge convention in Las Vegas:

Moderating ecosystem panels in Taipei:

Leading blockchain roundtables in London:

Interviewing startup founders back in Hong Kong:

Pitching startups in Seoul in freezing winter:

And Seoul again in the Spring, MC’ing a pitch event:

Planning RISE in Dublin:

And back in Hong Kong again hosting yet another pitch event:

MCing a Proptech event in Hong Kong:

And then, as co-host, welcoming 15,000+ people to Hong Kong for RISE itself — and interviewing Tinder founder Sean Rad on stage:

And soon I’ll be in Vancouver, Tel Aviv, Nashville, Toronto and Lisbon!

So I guess, you can’t really say I am in any one location.

I write a semi-monthly newsletter that keeps friends and “enthusiasts” updated, and I have this page I update whenever I land in a new city.

I would say I am still based out of Hong Kong and frequent multiple co-workspaces like Garage Society, Metta, Campfire, Blueprint or various coffee shops around the city but I travel to ecosystems around the world meeting startups.

If you want to try and connect with me in person, my travel schedule is listed here.

My day-to-day revolve around 3 things: RISE, BLMP Network and Dimsum Ventures. So you will see me tweeting and posting about conferences, blockchain and Proptech/Future of Work as my main focus going forward.

Feel free to reach out and ask me anything about this via the contact form on my site or through LinkedIn, Twitter or even Instagram.


I do travel for fun like amazing trips to New Zealand and Okinawa.


Typing this reminds me of that scene from the movie Eurotrip lol:


I read this Fast Company interview with Dona Sakar and I just loved her quote so much.

(me in Edinburgh)

Casey Lau

Written by

Casey Lau

Building bridges and connecting the dots as co-host of RISE, and co-founder of StartupsGBA. Host of new YouTube series #TheChallengers debuting March 2020.

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